Circular RNAs have been identified as new players in regulation of post transcriptional gene expression. Memczak et al and his group have predicted a sufficiently large number of circular RNAs in human, mouse and nematode from RNA sequencing data and experimentally confirmed some of the circRNAs. It has recently come into limelight that these circular RNAs play a critical role in fine tuning the level of miRNA mediated regulation of gene expression by sequestering the miRNAs. we studied the potential interaction of circular RNAs with disease associated miRNAs and constructed networks for the whole predicted interactome (consisting of protein coding, non-coding and circular RNA genes) of miRNAs associated with individual diseases. We did gene ontology (GO) enrichment analysis on the set of protein coding genes in the miRNA and circRNA interactome networks of individual diseases to check the enrichment of genes associated with particular biological processes in those disease networks. In the second approach we studied disease and traits associated variations in the circular RNA loci and found a number of disease associated SNPs mapped into the predicted circRNA loci. We have also mapped Ago interaction sites within circular RNA loci. We have compiled all these disease association information in a database Circ2Traits which is the first comprehensive knowledgebase for potential association of circular RNAs with diseases in human.